Sinodun Hill Goats Cheese (whole 200g)

Blackmount Goat. Made by Selina Errington in Carnwath (near Edinburgh), Lanark, Scotland. Unpasteurised goats’ milk cheese.
Pyramid shaped lactic goats milk cheese made from raw milk and rubbed in ash, smooth citric flavour breaks down from the edges as it matures


Blackmount is made to a traditional French-lactic recipe, this involves a long setting of the curd (24 hours) before being gently hand ladled into pyramid moulds which give it a firm texture and fresh, sharp bite underpinned by herbal/floral goat-y notes. It is then dusted with edible ash on the outside, and as it matures (over three weeks) forms a wrinkly yeast-like rind which intensifies its herbaceous flavour.


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